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Bobby has been a wonderful influence and teacher for my two boys. We came to Bobby after my 5-year-old broke his arm. The orthopedist recommend for swimming as a form of physical therapy.  Bobby was very conscious of my sons arm and helped ease into swimming and built his confidence up.  Within only about a month’s time, my son could swim laps all by himself. We have tried different swim instructors before, without a doubt Bobby was the best. He makes swimming so easy for little kids. He has an easy and straight forward methodology so the little kids can follow. In the past, my son would refuse to go to swimming lesson. However, this has never happened with Bobby.  He does a great job making the kids believe in themselves and pushes them just enough to make them stretch for the next goal.

Tiffany W. Vienna, VA

Dear Bobby,

Thank you so much for all the fabulous swimming lessons this summer! We are so happy with the progress all of our grandchildren have made. We enjoyed getting to know you a little better, and really appreciate your patience and expertise with the kids!

Carol and Mark Falls Church, VA

Bobby,                                                                                                                                                                                          As you know, I have spent many, many years trying to alleviate my swimming fears but to no avail. I would guess that I have taken more than 20 private lessons over the years and still could not swim. So when my friend presented me with a gift of swimming lessons with you, I was a bit apprehensive. Well, that apprehension subsided at the first lesson. I was absolutely amazed that I had my head under water and was controlling my breathing. By the second lesson I was swimming the breaststroke. Imagine that. Thanks to you I can now enjoy the benefits of swimming for fun and for fitness. I can’t thank you enough for holding my hand in the deep end and reassuring me I could do it. And I did it! Thank you Bobby!                                                                                                                                                               Ann, Fairfax, VA

 When my twin daughters, Nicolette and Isabella were only 2 years old, you came to our house to give them their first swim lesson. They looked at you like a big teddy bear...they immediately felt comfortable in your care. By the end of that Summer they were full on under water swimmers. When they were 3 and 4 years old you taught them basic survival skills...similar to Junior Lifeguards. They were taught to fall in to the swimming pool fully dressed...they had to then kick off their shoes and clothes and tie their pants to create floating life saving devices. They also had to tread water for 30 seconds without the use of their hands. I challenge any adult to try that...its not easy! I guess what I'm trying to say is that you made them incredible swimmers at such an early age and with such ease. You made it fun, too. Now as 9 year olds they are strong, avid, safe swimmers. I thank you as a mother with 1 (or shall I say 2) less things to worry about in life. You're the best!
Thank you,
Lauren Sherman Oaks, CA

Dear Mr. Bobby (as our son refers to you)Djimon started swimming lessons with you when he was 5 years old in Los Angeles; he doesn’t get the benefit of having you year round since you only come to LA in the summertime, but we refuse to have him instructed by anyone else but you.  He’s now almost 7 and making steady progress, albeit only during the summertime :).  While it’s important for us to have him swimming proficiently, it’s much more important for us to have him be coached by someone as loving and wonderful as you. 

Thank you for the life lessons.

Luanne  Santa Monica, CA

Here ya go:                                                                                                                                                                                Bobby has been my 5 year old son’s swim instructor for about 6 months now, in which time my son has made great progress with his swimming.  Prior to starting with Bobby, my son was comfortable in the water, but really needed the stroke basics. Bobby has taught my son how to breathe correctly in the hacked by despotic water, as well as how to correctly execute each stroke. Bobby is patient and good natured and makes sure that each class is fun. We are so pleased with Bobby that we will be starting our daughter in his class very soon.    Crystal, Bristow, VA

Bobby:                                                                                                                                                                                        Your work with my kids continues to amaze me.  When I watch Nicholas swim across the pool, I remember when he wouldn't even put his head in the water.  And seeing Megan glide under the water at age 3 and a half is incredible.  You have show patience, good humor and love for my not-so-easy kids and I am grateful.  Thank you for being who you are--a great teacher, a great person and a great role model.


Kate, Falls Church, VA


I've been singing your praises all over town to any parent who will listen, because I think you are the most amazing instructor I've ever come across!!  Perhaps it's time I let you in on what I'm saying about you...

 Of course these are conversations, so they always have a slightly different flow, but the general gist is this:

I tell people that; you are an incredible instructor... your lessons are focused around basic principles that make swimming easy and fun as the kids progress in their lessons, and their strokes, you continue to enforce the basics you teach proper breathing skills you build survival skills into the lessons you are a master of blending praise and criticism in a way that encourages continued improvement they improve every week, even though I have not managed to fit in any practice time for them during the week your style is relaxed and consistent and focused on the student in the pool you brake things down into the size step needed for the student... for example, when Lance (at 3) wasn't ready to put his face in the water, you started with his mouth, and worked up from there... after just a few lessons, the boy who had stopped lying on his back in the bathtub, was swimming across the pool on his back, by himself... now, at 4, he is swimming lengthwise across the pool, working on his front crawl and learning to turn to breathe, and learning to tread water... You adjust your teaching style to suit the learning style of the student by figuring out what makes them tick... Josie, who reached a plateau with her county lessons, was not interested in swimming at all anymore... but you discovered her competitive streak and used it to get her in the water and doing her warm up drills...Finally, she has relaxed in the water and is showing the comfort and enjoyment being in the water that I had wished for her...  not to mention how she is progressing on all her strokes, swimming like a fish!

The amount of improvement in the skills of both Lance and Josie is nothing short of incredible.  This alone and by itself is amazing, however I often talk about you not solely as a swimming instructor; the life lessons you have taught, from confidence, to sustained effort, to never giving up and always trying your best, will stay with Lance and Josie forever, just like the swimming skills you have taught them in the water.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Swimming is a survival skill and a pursuit of pleasure.  Bobby’s classes make learning the survival skills and rules a pleasure.  Bobby’s worked with us to address the fears, frustrations and upsets of our four year old daughter in a plain-spoken, earnest and caring way. Our second daughter will continue with Bobby as well. We are looking forward to many more classes and some accomplished swimmers.

Matt & Niki McCombs

Hello Mr. Broome,

I wanted to thank you for taking so much time with jack yesterday - what a change in him! also, please let me know how much i owe you for the session of 5.  We will look forward to seeing you next tuesday at 3:30 with both boys in dc.

Thanks, Bonnie

Bobby Broome is an excellent instructor for infants, children and adults. When our son turned six months of age Bobby started teaching my wife and I how to teach our son to swim and enjoy the water. With Bobby's decades of experience and study, he showed us how our son loved the water and just needed to learn how to maneuver in it. We've recommended many friends (mostly adults) to Bobby to help them learn how to swim, swim better and learn not to fear the water. Which he has done repeatedly. Growing up swimming and sailing I thank Bobby for helping to prepare our boy for a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment and recommend that everyone give this gift to their family and friends.

Mark Cook College Park, MD



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